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Fr. Tesfamichael Debesay Negusse MCCJ
Rev. Fidelis Chukwu

8a Battersea Park Road
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Tel: 020 7622 4282
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Why come to Church?

The most important service which takes place in the Church is the Mass.  All Catholics are expected to attend Mass on Sunday (or Saturday evening) every week.  It is simply a basic part of being a Catholic Christian, and it expresses our commitment to Christ.

But more importantly it is the way we grow in our love of God and neighbour.  By coming to the weekly service of worship, we are united more intimately with Our Lord and Saviour.

Weekend Mass Times

Sunday 10 am 

Mass with Choir and Organ. 
(Choir Practice at 9am.)

A family orientated celebration.

With Children's Liturgy
(Many people have asked what this is all about.  Firstly, this is not a crèche or a Sunday School.  Children’s Liturgy is a chance for children aged 3 to 7 to attend a special Liturgy of the Word during Mass.  The children will be asked to come forward to the altar at the beginning of Mass, and then will process into the sacristy.  Once there, they will hear the same Gospel proclaimed at a suitable level for them; be invited to discuss the Gospel story and it’s significance; and then take part in activities suitable for their age.  They return to the main congregation at the offertory procession.)

Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks are served in the Parish Hall after this mass.

Sunday 12 noon

Mass with Gospel Choir and Music Group. 

A lively and charismatic celebration.

Are you "In Communion?"

We warmly welcome visitors to our Church, but ask that you please respect the Catholic tradition of only receiving Holy Communion if you are a practising member of the Roman Catholic Church.

If you do not wish or are unable to receive Holy Communion we invite you to come forward for a blessing.  To show the minister that this is what you wish to receive, please cross you arms across your chest.

Weekday Mass Times

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
& Saturday at 9.30am (please check newsletter)

Sacrament of Reconciliation

As a preparation before receiving Holy Communion, many people will wish to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (what we used to call "Confession") to ensure that they are in a "state of grace".

The Sacrament is available on Saturday after the 9:30am morning mass in the 'confessional' in the Church, and at any time on reasonable request.



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