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Fr. Tesfamichael Debesay Negusse MCCJ
Rev. Fidelis Chukwu

8a Battersea Park Road
London SW8 4BH

Tel: 020 7622 4282
Fax: 020 7978 1800

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Researching Family History

We keep records of approximately 13,000 Baptism ceremonies performed in this Church from 1869 onwards.  We receive many requests from people researching their family histories for details from these registers.

We are happy to do a search of the registers on your behalf and to supply photocopies of particular entries in the registers.  This service is restricted to family members only.

(Please note that sometimes there may be a delay in answering your request, this is because our Parish Archivist works only a few hours a week on this activity)

We do ask a minimum donation of 10 (UK Pounds) to cover the cost of the search.  Cheques drawn on UK Bank Accounts, made payable to "Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church" are accepted.



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