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Fr. Tesfamichael Debesay Negusse MCCJ
Rev. Fidelis Chukwu

8a Battersea Park Road
London SW8 4BH

Tel: 020 7622 4282
Fax: 020 7978 1800

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Our main email address is: ourladyschurchbattersea@yahoo.co.uk

Our main telephone number is: 020 7622 4282

Our fax telephone number is: 020 7978 1800

The Priest's House, click to enlargeOur postal address is:

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
8a Battersea Park Road
London  SW8 4BH

You can contact directly:

Fr. Tesfamichael
Telephone : 020 7622 4282
Deacon Fidelis:  Telephone : 07957 108933




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