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Fr. Tesfamichael Debesay Negusse MCCJ
Rev. Fidelis Chukwu

8a Battersea Park Road
London SW8 4BH

Tel: 020 7622 4282
Fax: 020 7978 1800

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Welcome to the Website of the Roman Catholic Parish of Battersea Park in the Archdiocese of Southwark. 

Our Parish is continually growing and constantly changing, it is alive, and this is reflected in our site.  Our website is a guide to our Parish and to the community we serve.

We invite you to browse our website, and gain an insight into the worshipping community which gathers here.  However, if you are in the Battersea Park area, we would prefer if you would come and visit us in person.

Original Church 1868, click to enlargeOur church building was constructed in two stages.  The original church was constructed in 1868.  This small chapel would have accommodated a congregation of between 50 and 70 people, and now forms our Lady Chapel.

By 1879, the Catholic community in this area had obvThe High Altar, click to enlargeiously outgrown the church building, and a second building was constructed next to the original church and attached to it.  This new building is much larger and more spacious.

The current church building can accommodate about 200 people, which is just about right for the Catholic community in Battersea Park today.



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